Breast Forms

Silicone Prosthesis (Breast Forms)

A breast form is an external prosthesis that is worn in a pocket of a bra. A silicone breast form behaves like a real breast, moving naturally when you walk and flattening when you lie down. Even though wearing a breast form can enhance your overall appearance, not wearing one can cause physical problems like spinal curvature, shoulder drop, and lower back and neck pain.
We carry a broad choice of breast forms with special shapes, properties and uses. Partial shapers are available for Lumpectomy patients or for those who have naturally unequal breasts. You should not swim in your silicone breast form so we stock forms that are specially made for swimming.
Our nationally certified professional fitters will consider your individual needs when choosing your breast form. The main consideration is your comfort, and as the form quickly adapts to your body temperature, it does not feel like a separate body part.

Brands:  Trulife Light, Comfortable SILK, Two Lines of American Breast Care and Various Amoena Forms.

Custom Breast Forms

If you are interested in custom-made breast forms, come in and visit our specialty fitters.  They are extensively trained and specialize in fitting the custom forms.  Please allow us to review your insurance with you as Medicare and most insurance companies will not pay for custom forms.